This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown

it’s unbelievable how calm and level his voice is, yet how extremely emotional his eyes… his face is. How unimaginably brave. According to his first statement he ran away, suffered a panic attack and vomited. The amount of mortal fear this guy must have is unreal.

Protect this man, he is the only person who I believe holds the truth. His testimony is the most valuable thing in this situation right now, and I am not exaggerating the fact that I fear for his life. If they arrest him, he will mysteriously pass away, I guarantee it. Someone hide him in their fucking basement.

Man, I can’t get over his face. Look at his fucking expression.

(via creepingfeminism)

Boomtown was so excellent, despite my tent horrifically flooding and the fact I spent most of the weekend soaking wet. I wish I could do more festivals this summer, if I only I wasn’t so poor. I imagine it’s probably the best for my body though, I’ve done nothing but lay around and eat for the past two days and my whole body hurts and my nose won’t stop bleeding. Peak times.